Monday, 23 March 2009

Fashion model became football baby

Recently, FIFA Online 2 shot a set of baby pictures of FIFA that at time they has invited Yang Bing-yang as a model shoot . For the first time as a football baby appearance, how about she feel? She wrote on his blog: “shoot firstly as a football baby, and come on for Chinese soccer that the feeling is still quite novel, the photos may be not too bad either.January 14 the Asian Cup qualifiers China has lost Syria that was disappointing people. ”



Yang Bing-yang, Net of Ayawawa, was named “Network Ten beautiful women.” Apart from the appearance of beauty brought her the “flat model” identity, the Yang Bing-yang or a “column of the writers,” 7-year-old she released her debut, and has “full vision”, “modern female reported”, “University Students Week”, etc. several newspapers and magazines had been column. In addition, Yang Bing-yang as an actor, was also involved in many films. she has also worked for television stations. nice-fifa-babes1.jpg




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