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LRG Clothing

alt LRG Clothing or Street wear, Lifted Research Group, or the Roots People; No matter what you call the unique street wear clothing brand officially known as LRG, you know L-R-G clothing is one of, if not the hottest brand from it's inception in 1999.

LRG clothing was founded in 1999 by Jonas Bevacqua and MC Robert Wright in Orange County, California. The two LRG founders met intially while collaborating Hip Hop music with Wright's crew, who was introduced by a co-worker.

Wright was an established designer and MC who wanted to create his own clothing label, who, prior to LRG, worked with various urban, hip hop, and skater clothing companies such as Quiksilver and O'neal and other private labels.

Jonas Bevacqua had an idea and the logo for the LRG clothing brand, and Wright had the resources for LRG, leading to the creation of several patterns, samples and stickers. Bevacqua received a small amount of capitol to jump start the LRG clothing brand company from his father's friends, who were in the fashion industry. 

Wright and Bevacqua used the capitol to initiate a production run, and were given a booth at ASR to sell their new products. 300 pairs of pants, 4 styles of hoodies and 4 styles of shirts were sold out by noon on the very first day. The company struggled for the first 3 years, but eventually became a success, as reflected in their 7 years of business.

"At the time the market was very defined as in; you're either skate, or you're surf, or you're urban as in Hip Hop... I hate even using that term. I feel like we were the first ones to really bridge the gap between these worlds... not really on purpose either, it was more just a reflection of what Robert and I are into. We're into gear, we're into skateboarding, we're into all different kinds of music," said Jonas in an interview about LRG clothing previously.

Once LRG had doors to the public open, the streetwear brand began hiring flamboyant hip hop clothing designers that brought a refreshing sense of style to the hip hop clothing industry. The LRG brand has consistently reinvented itself and the Hip Hop clothing wolrd, staying abreast of the latest fabric and clothing manipulation possibilites.

Coming off a very busy 2005 year, the LRG clothing brand was inspired to launch a womenswear line. LRG expanded into a womens LRG fashion line known as Luxirie by LRG. The Luxirie clothing brand by LRG started off much like the original streetwear brand, finding moderate success. However, the Luxirie by LRG clothing brand grew much faster, creating a demand from women's Hip Hop and streetwear fashion culture in less than a year. Luxurie by LRG, A Labour of Love, was release in Canada first during 2006, and then in the United States during the same year.

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Some of the LRG Clothing brands most demanded pieces have sold on-line for over $500. LRG Hoodies has almost built a subculture of followers that will not touch a jacket or top that is not from the streetwear brand. The LRG Dead Serious Hoody, which some call the Skeleton Hoody or the Skull Hoody, took 2007 by storm creating a fashion demand for LRG's trendsetting hoodies that was so high, hip hop clothing retailers were selling out of the hoody at prices starting around $225.

LRG track Jackets, jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts in general, the LRG sidekick, Sweaters, and Hats have all become a staple of the Hip Hop fashion world. LRG Clothing has become a fashion powerhouse in Urban, Pop, Hip Hop, and Streetwear cultures.   

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