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Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, Roc-A-Fella executive and the world's most famous rapper, along with Roc-A-Fella C.E.O., Damon Dash, launched Rocawear clothing company in 1999. According to Dash, the hip hop clothing line was created to be a reflection of his, as well as Jay-Z's, personal style of dress. The two partners and long term friends also said launching the Rocawear line was a way to give the Urban and Hip Hop culture communities something long desired.

Shawn Carter, born on December 4th, 1969 to the home of Gloria Carter, grew up in the Marcy Project Housing section of Brooklyn. Carter, who's worldly known as "Jay Z", built a career that boasted the latest European and urban fashions, newer brands, and flawless jewelry. Hip Hop culture immediately followed Jay-Z's career from his initial impact and mocked his style of dress in all genres of music culture.

Fashionably reasonable, rumors has it that Shawn Carter derived his name Jay-Z from the slang "jazzy". Peers used to think he dressed so fly before rap, that they wanted to give him a nickname related to the word, and then the spoof of the slang, "Jay Z" was born to title Shawn Carter's stage name.

Damon Dash, who's known as Dame, Mr Fresh To Def, the Ultimate Hustler, and other titles, was born in Harlem, NYC during the year 1975. Dame Dash is known for his marketing savvy that reminds you much of the "Harlem Hustle" many people in Hip Hop culture speak of. Endlessly promoting products that include Urban fashions and Hip Hop clothing in videos through consumer friendly techniques, Dame has definitely been behind the scenes putting work into Rocafella Records and Rocawear Clothing.

Since it's initial launch in 1999, Rocawear clothing has risen to new heights producing exceptional quality denim jeans, flavorful designed Rocawear Shirts and tops, as well as accessories such as Rocawear hats, Rocawear belts, Rocawear lounge wear, and Rocawear boxers. On top of those accomplishments, Rocawear Clothing also launched a women's line, a children's line, and international sites that offer exclusive Hip Hop fashion products only retailed to only certain markets.

In 2005, the Rocawear clothing company made a big change as co-founder Dame Dash sold his stake in the Hip Hop fashion brand for $22.5 million in cash. "Rocawear was my point of view, a Harlem swagger," Dash told reporters of the sale. "They gave me $30 million and 75% of Team Roc. I'm real happy with the deal. I got $22.5 million in cash and the rest in companies (like State Property, Team Roc, Pro-Keds and other entities)."

In 2007, Jay-Z also exited the Rocawear clothing company, selling the Hip Hop clothing brand for $205 million US dollars to the Iconix Brand Group. Rocawear clothing is the largest acquisition Iconix has made in its history, but expects much growth from the brands.

Shawn Jay-Z Carter will retain his stake in the operating company that manufactures all of the Rocawear men's apparel line. The mogul's two silent partners, Alex Bize and Norton Cher, will continue to run the manufacturing company for Rocawear Clothing.

Before leaving the company, Dame Dash launched the Rocawear sub-brand Team Roc. Celebrity endorsements were soon to follow the establishment of the athletic apparel brand as NFL player Larry Johnson and boxer Zab Judah were contracted to be spokes models for the brand.

The list of celebrities that have worn Rocawear clothing is endless.


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